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Government Documents & Information

Government Documents

A large number of government publications are easily accessible on-line. This guide identifies and links to key government document resources available for free on the Web and through Gumberg Library

Gumberg is not a member of the Federal Depository Library Program, a program in which Federal Government information is made available for free public use in depository libraries around the country, but the vast majority of government publications are becoming freely available online. The Duquesne Center for Legal Information (Law Library) is an FDLP member.

There are seven Federal Depository Libraries located in Pittsburgh if you are unable to find satisfactory information online, or wish to view hard copies of the documents.

The Importance of Government Documents and the Freedom of Information Act (TEDx Talk)

Associated Press writer Martha Mendoza gives an excellent commentary on the importance of open access to government documents. Mendoza lists several examples of how her inquiring about government documents led to positive change and bettering the community. See the video below for more information.