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History of Yellow Fever

Exploring the history of Yellow Fever with subject specific resources

Getting Started

This section contains databases relevant to studying the aspects of yellow fever relevant to the social sciences. Related Gumberg Library research guides provide further information and resources. 

Helpful Search Terms

Within these databases, you are likely to get a mix of studies related to modern outbreaks of yellow fever as well as on historical outbreak events. In order to best identify material related to your specific focus, utilize Boolean operators such as AND to better focus the results to your area of interest. See below for some examples of search terms utilizing the AND Boolean operator.  

  • Yellow fever AND [year of epidemic]
  • Yellow fever AND politics AND epidemic
  • Public health AND epidemics AND 18th century AND yellow fever
  • Yellow fever AND race

ProQuest tip:

  • For databases in the above list marked as (ProQuest), enter your searches in the Advanced Search tab and change the dropdown menu on the right from "Anywhere" to "Anywhere but Full Text" or another option. By choosing "Anywhere but Full Text", the database will look for the words in more relevant fields such as subject headings or titles rather than searching for the words to appear anywhere in an entire article. This provides a much more accurate search from the outset. 

Selected Research Databases

Here you will find a selection of databases useful for social science research into yellow fever. For additional databases, see the full list of Gumberg Library Social Sciences databases.

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