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National Library Week at Gumberg Library

The Student Organization Advisor of the Year Award Winner: Tracie Ballock

Congratulations to Tracie Ballock, Assistant University Librarian for Collections and Metadata Services, this year’s winner of the Student Organization Advisor Award. Tracie has served as the faculty advisor for the Graduate & Professional Student Council (GPSC) since its inception in 2009. Reflecting on this award, Tracie noted that she has had the pleasure of working with many wonderful graduate students over the past 14 years, but this year’s executive committee worked extra hard to try and support the entire graduate population, as well as move the organization forward across the campus.  She said that this award was extremely meaningful "because the nominations came directly from the students that I genuinely care about and work so hard to serve. What made this even more special, was winning it alongside of our GPSC President, Jeremy Armann who also won the Dean of Students Excellence in Leadership Award.”

The Gumberg Library Staff Excellence Award:

Winner will be announced Tuesday 4/25 on National Library Workers Day