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Reformation and Counter-Reformation: Media

A Gumberg Library Research Guide

Reformation Videos/Documentaries


A Return to Grace Luther’s Life and Legacy


Calvin, Zwingli, and Brother Klaus


England’s Catholic Reformation


England’s Protestant Reformation


John Calvin as Told by the Littles


Rick Steve’s Luther and the Reformation


Why Did the Protestant Reformation Happen?


Diet of Worms (In Our Time BBC Podcast)

Counter-Reformation Videos/Documentaries


Bishop Robert Barron on the Council of Trent


Bishop Barron on Catholicism and the Reformation


The Council of Trent, 1545-1563


Counter Reformation - Summary, Facts, & Significance


Ignatius Loyola & Catholic Reform


St. Teresa of Avila: A Life of Mystical Experience


Who Was St. John of the Cross?


Jesuits (In Our Time BBC Podcast)