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Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews

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While review articles are available through any database of professional literature, the Annual Reviews database is devoted exclusively to providing access to review articles in a large number of academic disciplines, two of which are psychology and clinical psychology.

Here are important facts about Annual Review of Psychology (ARP) and Annual Review of Clinical Psychology (ARCP):

  • They do not review all of their respective disciplines every year
  • All subdisciplines of psychology and clinical psychology are reviewed within a decade
  • ARP goes back to the 1930s; ARCP goes back to 2005
  • Articles from these have extensive bibliographies
  • All articles from the Annual Reviews database are full text

The Annual Reviews database is NOT included in the list of psychology databases.

To get to the Annual Reviews database, go to the Gumberg Library homepage

Once at the homepage, click on the blue "Research" button.


On the next screen, click on "A" to go to all databases whose names start with "A."


Then, click on "Annual Reviews" in the alphabetically arranged list of databases.


Or to access the Annual Reviews database from this page, click on the link below. You will need to first enter you Multipass username and password.

Research and Review Articles

Defining Research and Review Articles

Research Articles

When we speak about searching the literature in psychology on a particular topic, there are two types of articles to consider. The first is the research article. In these, groups of researchers describe research projects they carried out. They are usually published in scholarly journals. The focus of these articles is necessarily very narrow. To gain a picture of the state of knowledge on a particular topic through research articles would mean reading possibly hundreds of articles, something busy professionals do not have time to do.

Research articles in Science, Medicine & the Health Sciences, Psychology, and a number of other fields share a common format. Research in the Humanities is not presented in this format. Theses articles usually have a header (including an abstract), an introduction, followed by sections headed "methods," "results," "discussion," "conclusion," and they end with a bibliography.

Review Articles

This brings us to the second sort of article dealing with research, the review article. In a review article, a scholar or group of scholars gathers all the research articles on a particular topic, and after reading them, writes an article reviewing and evaluating them. Finding a review article or two on a psychological topic permits a researcher new to a topic to quickly gain a picture of the state of knowledge regarding that topic.

There are numerous types of review articles with different applications. Click this link to see an article describing them.

In most databases of scholarly literarture it is possible to limit your searches to research and/or review articles.

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