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Wisteria by Claude Monet

Welcome to the British Modernism guide. This guide is designed to give a brief overview of Modernist writers in the old British Empire. The user will find all sorts of materials available through the Gumberg Library on novelists, poets, and playwrights including reference works, print and electronic books, as well as databases for articles.

What is Modernism?

According to the Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, modernism is defined as: 

an extended historical moment in which various aesthetic issues develop in counterpoint with the emergence of modern culture (characterized by the formation of the nation-state, of the concept of the individual, and of industrial and consumer capitalism). These aesthetic issues are explored by modern visual and literary artists as an ongoing tension between a search for legitimacy according to scientific, universal, ahistorical, or transcendent terms and a self-conscious sense of the historical specificity and cultural effect of artistic forms.

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Selected Books

This research guide was created by Victoria Wilson, English Department Intern, Gumberg Library, November 2019

Footer image is a detail from Monet's Waterlilies