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Black Modernist Poets : Home

A Gumberg Library Research Guide


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From Left to Right: Claude McKay, Georgia Douglas Johnson, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Alice Dunbar-Nelson, Langston Hughes, Anne Spencer, James Weldon Johnson, Gwendolyn Brooks, Melvin B. Tolson


This guide will connect the researcher to information sources of many types on Black Modernist poets including, poetry collections, little magazines, introductory articles and reference works, books and EBooks, articles, and other types of information sources. 

Reference Works

EBooks. Click titles to read.

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Dictionary of Literary Biography

The Dictionary of Literary Biography (DLB) is the standard resource for very detailed biographical articles on writers of all types, in many genres. Each volume is devoted to authors from a particular time, country, or genre. 

Do a search for an author's name in the Literature Resource Center, then go to the "Content Types" menu on the upper right of the screen. Click on "Biographies." DLB content will be found in the resulting list.

Literature Resource Center

Primary Sources--Anthologies

Promary Sources--Poetry Collections

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Guide created by Kaitlyn Nicholson, English Department Intern, Gumberg Library, March 2023