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This guide will help Duquesne University students and faculty learn to search within OTDBASE.

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What is OTDBASE?

OTDBASE is a database that contains abstracts from national and international Occupational Therapy journals. Within the database, the list of journals has grown to over 20, which aim to contribute to continuing professional development and research. There are many benefits of an abstract search. It saves time, provides a wide range of knowledge, and prevents the "reinventing of the wheel" syndrome.

A Variety of Journals
One of the many unique things about
OTDBASE is the variety of national and international journals dating from 1970 to the present. Although most occupational therapists are familiar with the professional information in their own occupational therapy journal, this database provides the opportunity to broaden your knowledge base and explore occupational therapy journals from all over the world.

For additional information on each journal that OTDBASE contains, please click the link below:

List of Journals

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