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Introduction to Marketing Research: Gumberg Library

Where to start

U.S. Census Bureau Data

Specialized Business Resources

Psychology Literature for Consumer Mindset Information

Marketing Research Tips

Why secondar research?

  • Inexpensive
  • Good coverage of general questions
  • Good supplement for analytics

Who collects the research?

  • Governments
  • Analysists
  • Journalists
  • Companies
  • Researchers

Items that you might find

  • News stories
  • Corporate reports
  • Company profiles 
  • Independent industry analysis
  • SWOT analyses
  • Census data
  • Company classification schemas (NAICS)
  • Peer-reviewed studies
  • Non peer-reviewed academic articles

Strategies and tips

  • Don't expect to find a perfect summary of what you hope to find
  • Generalize -- Industry trends the impact public companies will impact private ones as well
  • Use the language of the databases and use standardized codes (like NAICS)