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Master's in Biomedical Sciences (MBS) Resources

List of required and recommended resources for MBS students

MED 530 - Foundations of Immunology

Required Textbook

Abul Abbas, Andrew Lichtman, and Shiv Pillai (2023). Basic Immunology 7th ed. Elsevier.
ISBN-13: 9780443105197 

Recommended Resources

Abul Abbas, Andrew Lichtman, Shiv Pillai (2021). Cellular and Molecular Immunology 10th ed. Elsevier. 
ISBN-13: 9780323757485 

Not Available Through Gumberg Library

AudioLearn Medical Content Team (2019). Immunology – Medical School Crash Course. AudioLearn. 
ISBN-13: 9781700490797

Massoud Mahmoudi (2016). Immunology Made Ridiculously Simple. MedMaster.
ISBN 13: 9780940780897

MED 550 - Medical Applications 1

Required Textbook/Resources

Kaplan MCAT Prep Materials provided by the COM.