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Gumberg Library English Department Internship: Job Description

A Gumberg Library Research Guide



This research guide illustrates the responsibilities, personal experiences, and completed guides associated with Gumberg Library's English Department Internship. 


Job Description: English Department Intern, Gumberg Library

The English Department Intern (EDI) works in the Teaching, Research, and Engagement unit of Gumberg Library, under the direct supervision of the Humanities Librarian.

The successful candidate for this internship will work primarily on assisting the Humanities Librarian in maintaining a large collection of research guides in African Studies, English & American Literature, Global Health Ethics, Classics & History (including Art History), Philosophy, Theology & Catholic Studies, and other subject areas. To accomplish this, the successful candidate will learn the LibGuides content management system, which is used by Gumberg Library in the creation and maintenance of its extensive collection of research guides. The English Department Intern will also create new guides, as needed, and will assist in the re-design of existing guides. In order to do this, the intern will also learn search techniques that will enable them to discover resources available in the Gumberg Library online catalog, (DUQSearch), and other library databases, for inclusion on appropriate research guides. As a final project, based on their experience as a Duquesne student doing research, the EDI will  determine a topic that they believe future students will need to do research on, and they will then create a guide on this topic, providing access to students to the very best resources available through the Gumberg Library, and for free online, on that topic.

Gumberg Library partners with many groups around the University or from the general public, in hosting exhibits and programs in our library spaces. The Humanities Librarian is often involved in planning for these exhibits and programs and will involve the EDI in as much of the planning for, set-up, and take-down of these exhibits and programs as the EDI’s schedule will permit.

The EDI will work in 402 Gumberg Library for five hours a week, and in the English Department for three hours a week (under the supervision of the Coordinator of English Department Interns).

The successful candidate should have an interest in web design and research. Experience in these things is, however, is not required, and the Humanities Librarian will train the successful candidate in all the things they will need to know in order to do the tasks required by the internship.

Because online portfolios of work done by interns is often helpful in later job searches, the Humanities Librarian will create for each EDI a research guide that serves as an online portfolio to the guides created, re-designed, or on which the EDI has done major work, to show what they accomplished as the English Department Intern.

Humanities Librarian

Ted Bergfelt, MLS

Humanities Librarian

402 Gumberg Library

Liaison to the departments of English, History, Theology, Philosophy, and the Center for Global Health Ethics

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This research guide was created by Thomas DeMauro III, English Department Intern, Gumberg Library, May 2022