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Twentieth-Century American Playwrights: Welcome


Photos of Twentieth Century Playwrights

Mary Roberts Rinehart, George Kaufman, Adrienne Kennedy, Tennessee Williams, Lillian Hellman, Langston Hughes, Lorraine Hansberry


Welcome to the Twentieth-Century American Playwrights Guide! This guide is designed to connect users to many types of information sources available through the Gumberg Library on American Playwrights who influenced and shaped twentieth-century American Drama. It will connect you to quick biographies, reference works, books (print and ebooks), and databases for articles on major American dramatists.

Twentieth Century Drama Database

Twentieth Century Drama Database

This database features modern plays by over 300 playwrights, covering the years 1891-2008

To access it, please enter your Multipass information when prompted.

Reference Works

More Reference Works

help and credits

This guide was created by Emily Kizina, English Department Intern,Gumberg Library, October 2020