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ETD Guidelines: How to Tutorial

How to Tutorial

How to change margins?

To change margins in Microsoft Word, check out this link: Change the margins in your Word document - Microsoft Support. Be sure that your work has 1” margins (1.25" allowed on the top and bottom), and that all figures, tables, etc. fit within these margins.

How to insert a section break?

Please look at Insert a section break - Microsoft Support. Keep in mind that section breaks are useful for formatting and layout purposes, such as creating different page orientations or header/footer for different sections of your document.

Can I insert landscape pages in my document?

Yes, see how to use both landscape and portrait orientation in the same document: Video: Use landscape and portrait in the same document - Microsoft Support

This tutorial below will be helpful to look at how to insert landscape page numbers in Microsoft Word: Microsoft Word Landscape Page Numbers - YouTube. This video was created by the Mississippi State University Graduate Council.

How can I insert a Table of Contents?

This video (created by North Carolina A&T Graduate College) shows you how to manually create leader lines for a Table of Contents:

Leader lines (Thesis/Dissertation Formatting) - YouTube

How to insert an automatic Table of Contents 

This is a tutorial created by Dr. James Clark (King's College London) that shows you how to set up Headings and automatic tables of contents for Scientific reports and documents: Microsoft Word - Heading formatting and table of contents - YouTube ©2013 James Clark, king's College London.

You can find the entire set of tutorial videos here:



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