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Digital Publishing for Creative Writers: Home

This research guide will help to explain the process of digital publishing, articulate on the rights of a creative writer in the digital world, and provide some information on best online publishing practices.  See the FAQ section to get answers to some of your biggest questions!

All of these resources can be accessed from off-campus, but you will need to enter your Multipass username and password when you click on a link below.

How do you find full text?

The topics below are some important ideas to consider when publishing, and more information on the terms below can be found in the FAQ Section

Click on any link below to run a search in the online catalog, for all books and other materials on that subject in, or accessible through, the Gumberg Library. 

To learn how to find EBooks for these searches, click here.

This research guide was created by Gabrielle Kolencik, English Department Intern, Gumberg Library, April 2019


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