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Persistent Links

A guide on how to create accessible and direct links to Gumberg Library resources.


JoVE is science's first peer-reviewed video journal. Gumberg currently subscribes to JoVE Biology, JoVE Neuroscience, and JoVE Medicine. The visualized experiments can be embedded in course materials.

To share an experiment, click on the share button next to the video. This will copy the URL to your clipboard.

Screenshot of the JoVE social media links, with an arrow pointing to the share button.


Navigate to the Open Athens Link Navigator and make certain you are using the Duquesne University site:


Paste the URL into the box and then Copy the OpenAthens Link:

Screenshot of the OpenAthens link for a JoVE video.


Paste link into Canvas or wherever you would like to use it.

For more info on JoVE, see our guide!


If you're confused about persistent links, please contact the library using Ask Gumberg.