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Persistent Links

A guide on how to create accessible and direct links to Gumberg Library resources.

Ebook Central

Once you have completed your search, click the title of the eBook. When the new window opens, simply click "Share Link to Book."

Screenshot of book details for Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.


Ebook Central will provide a pop-up window with a persistent link to the eBook.

Screenshot of window with permalink to Jane Eyre.

How to Link to a Certain Page

Once you find the full text of the eBook you want, open the eBook by clicking the "Read Online" button.

Screenshot of book details of Jane Eyre with an arrow pointing to the Read Online button. 
Navigate to the page you would like to link to. You can either browse using the arrows at the top right of the page, or simply click the the "Go to page" box and type in the page number.

Screenshot of the Jane Eyre online ebook, with a circle around and arrow to the page number box


Once you have navigated to the desired page, click the link button in the toolbar at the top of the reader.

Screenshot of the online ebook of Jane Eyre, with a circle around and arrow to the permalink button.


Ebook Central will provide a pop-up window with your persistent link to copy.

Screenshot of the permalink window for page 222 of the Jane Eyre online ebook.


If you're confused about persistent links, please contact the library using Ask Gumberg.