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Quantitative Research Methods

Quantitative Research Methods

Welcome! This guide will help you to find resources about statistical methodologies often used across disciplines. It  provides basic descriptions of each statistical methodology and features web content, videos, and books. Please contact a librarian if you need help with quantitative methodology.  

Steps in the Quantitative Research Process

1. Become familiar with Research Data Management, which includes best practices for how to collect, store, analyze, preserve and share your data. You might want to consider creating a data management plan. 

2. Collect your data. You might have to enter data into a spreadsheet or find data online. Understanding the level of measurement that you need, the variables, and the sample size can be key.  

3. Clean your data by handling missing, incorrect, and duplicate values in appropriate ways.

4. Run descriptive statistics. No matter what statistical methodology you'll be employing in your analysis, it's important to run descriptive statistics.

5. Select an inferential statistical method based on your research question and the characteristics of your data. Make sure to keep the descriptive statistics of your data in mind when selecting an inferential method.

7. Run analysis in statistical software such as SAS, SPSS, or R. 

8. Interpret your results.  

9. If you'd like to share your data with others, possibly by posting it on a repository, please contact a librarian to help you through that process.  

Glossary of Key Terms