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Sara Baron, EdD

University Librarian




Contact Information:

(412) 396-6138

Some of Sara's Favorites

I enjoy book clubs and reading challenges. For two years I have participated in the Mommy Mannergren Reading Challenge. We read 52 books a year based on 52 different categories such as "A book about time travel" or "An author who uses a pseudonym" or "A book set in South American." These book challenges have helped me read "out of my comfort zone" and I have read some really good books that I never would have picked up otherwise. 

I also love hearing directly from authors and Pittsburgh is a great literature town. A few excellent options for seeing authors in person and or learning more about literature are:

In addition to the sites above, I also follow these literary groups on social media for reading recommendations and interesting discussions. 

  • Women Reading Great Books
  • After Outlander: Scottish and Historical Fiction
  • Love of Art in Fiction
  • Historical and Time Slip Novels Book Club
  • The Outside Beyond Books Club
  • The Great American Read Book Club

My favorite artist is Rene Carcan, a Belgian engraver who lived from 1925-1993. I began collecting his etchings about 25 years ago and have over sixty ranging in size from as small as a playing card to as large as 52 cm. There is a nice Pinterest page managed by his foundation, with a collection of images. I purchased nearly all of my prints from ebay and other online auction sites. 

I am blessed to have two rescue dachshunds that bring me immense joy. They are 9 years old. Chloe is long-haired and the boss of the house. Georgie is short-haired and is a little sweetheart. They occasionally get dressed up.