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American Community Survey: ACS Data Files


The Census Bureau calls individual level data or household level data "microdata".  If you use microdata you'll be able to see the individual responses of households and individuals as opposed to seeing summary statistics about all households in a given state etc.  

Data Releases


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Raw Data

ACS PUMS (Public Use Microdata Sample) data files includes records about individual people and households.  While the ACS Profiles and Tables include interesting information, if you need to access person-level data then you'll want to download PUMS data files.  The Census Bureau releases two PUMS files per year (a 1-year estimate and a 5-year estimate).  The 5-year estimate 2005-2009 contains the same data as the 1-year estimates for each year from 2005-2009.  1-year and 5-year PUMS data files are available from the following site: