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Historic Duquesne Duke: Digital Publication

A guide to accessing and using the "Historic Duquesne Duke" Digital Collection.

Digital Publishing at Duquesne

Duquesne has a number of opportunities for publishing student and faculty writing online, as well as online tools and resources that can enrich your scholarly experience.

Duquesne Scholarship Collection

The Duquesne Scholarship Collection is the university's institutional repository. It is home to over 250 individual scholarly items, including papers, theses, presentations, and drafts, all created by Duquesne students and affiliates. All resources Open Access, or are free to read and download and are void of paywalls.

Authors maintain the rights to anything they submit to the repository so long as they have not previously been signed to another journal or publisher, and the repository is an excellent resource for those who wish to preserve their research and share it with greater academia. 

Click here to access the Duquesne Scholarship Collection.

Digital Collections

Consult Digital Scholarship Librarian Gesina Phillips for more information on your online publishing options:

Gesina Phillips
Digital Scholarship Librarian

Open Access