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Historic Duquesne Duke: Home

A guide to accessing and using the "Historic Duquesne Duke" Digital Collection.

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Accessing the "Historic Duquesne Duke"

The Digital Collection can be searched by keyword or by year. Each year notes which periodical was in circulation. From there, the user is redirected to a listing of the periodicals that correspond with their search inquiry and can select the issue of their choice. The left-hand menu lists the page currently selected. Selecting 'complete print version' and 'go' on the 'view' menu opens a pdf that combines all pages of the selected issue, which can then be downloaded in its entirety and viewed or printed. 


The "Duquesne Duke" was first published on March 5, 1925. It was the most recent iteration in Duquesne University's long-standing tradition of student-led campus news periodicals, which began in 1894 with the "Holy Ghost College Bulletin." Six different periodicals serving a similar function to the modern "Duquesne Duke" have been released: "The Holy Ghost College Bulletin," "The Pittsburg College Bulletin," "The Duquesne Monthly," "The Duquesne Durational," "The University Times," and, of course, "The Duquesne Duke" itself.

All available issues of the various periodicals published throughout Duquesne's history have been digitized. The fully searchable pdfs for each issue can be accessed via Gumberg Library's Digital Collections. This guide introduces each of the six papers in addition to providing supplementary resources.

Selected Publications in Journalism and the Press

the cover of story of journalism

Story of Journalism- Elizabeth Grey

the cover of journalism history

"Journalism History" Academic Journal

the cover of the press and america

The Press and America: An Interpretive History of Journalism- Edwin Emery

the cover of the public press

The Public Press, 1900-1945: The History of American Journalism- Leonard Ray Teel

the cover of the international directory

International Directory of Little Magazines & Small Presses​

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Guide originally created and developed by Maureen Jones