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The Spiritans: Research

Learn about the missionary congregation that founded Duquesne University

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While the Congregation today uses the term "Spiritan" to refer to itself, the Library of Congress uses older terms to describe it. In the searches below, the term "Holy Ghost Fathers," an older American name for the Congrecgation, is used, as is "Congregation of the Holy Ghost," instead of "Congregation of the Holy Spirit."

On the Holy Ghost Fathers

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Search Tips

 When searching the databases below, try these searches:

  • Spiritan* (in many journal databases, the asterisk tells the search engine to find both the singular and plural of the search term)
  • "Congregation of the Holy Spirit" (placing the string of search terms in double quotation marks forces some search engines to look for the exact phrases typed in)
  • "Congregation of the Holy Ghost"
  • "Holy Ghost Fathers"
  • The names of individual Spiritans


Journal Databases

ATLA Religion Database with Serials

ProQuest Religion Database

Academic Search Elite

Historical Abstracts

ProQuest Central



Other Sources of Articles

Bulletin General - A chronicle of the Spiritans from 1864-1975

Spiritan Articles - A collection of 86 Articles about the Spiritans (some in French, some in English)

Spiritan Horizons - A journal published by the Center for Spiritan Studies, Duquesne University

Memoire Spiritaine - A journal about Spiritan history, especially their missionary work (in French)

Our Province - Newsletter of the United States Province

Logo for Center for Spiritan Studies