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Mystery & Detective Fiction: A Research Guide: Web

Agatha Christie, Creator of MIss Marple and Hercule Poirot

CC-ASA-3.0U. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Evaluating Information Sources

Evaluating Information Sources

Before using any information source, whether it be a book or an article--and especially if it is something from a webpage--you need to make a careful evaluation of it to ensure that the information it contains is reliable and appropriate for your use. The evaluation model we currently use at the Gumberg Library is "The CRAAP Test." This model looks at five characteristics of each information source, all of which must be evaluated before you accept a source for use.

Photo of G.K. Chesterton

G. K. Chesterton, Creator of Father Brown

Public domain. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Photo of James M. Cain

James M. Cain


Logo for Crimeculture

Crimeculture was created in the Summer of 2002 by Lee Horsley and Kate Horsley. This online magazine features reviews of film and fiction and interviews with writers as well as essays on crime fiction, crime films and representations of criminality. It seeks to explore different critical approaches to the study of crime literature/film, and to be as entertaining and wide-ranging as possible. In addition to fiction and film, this site covers, for example, TV crime series, true crime writing, vintage crime paperback art work, graphic novels and the early literature of crime.

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Logo for Thrilling Detective web site

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Logo for Villanova University Falvey Memorial Library

Dime Novel and Popular Literature

Ranging from roughly 1860 to 1930, this collection brings together pre-Pulp era tales initially depicting scenes early America, the Frontier, and the West. Many detective publications are included. Full text of all publications is presented.

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Logo for Agatha Christie website

This website is run and maintained by the team at Acorn Productions Limited and the Christie Archive Trust where Agatha Christie's personal archives are held. Many of the images on this site were supplied by the Trust. Please note, if you need to reference our site in an educational project, the authorship of our articles should be attributed to Agatha Christie Limited, unless otherwise stated in the article.

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Logo for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Literary Estate website

This is the official web site of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Literary Estate. It includes a specially written biography of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and you can find information on his books and the films which were inspired by his writing. There are also detailed pages about some of Conan Doyle's famous characters such as Sherlock Holmes, Brigadier Gerard and Professor Challenger which are linked to the full Bibliography. For those of you looking for extra information on Sherlock Holmes, visit the Sherlock Holmes pages. You may read more about the Literary Estate, and enquire about licensing of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's work.

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Logo for Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia

The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia is updated and powered by Alexis Barquin (TCDCE, FACDC, SHSL, JHWS, SSHF). The site is dedicated to promote the life and work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and to gather any materials related to the author.

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Logo for the Sherlock Holmes Society of London

Founded in 1951, the Society is open to anyone with an interest in Sherlock Holmes, Dr John H. Watson and their world. It is a literary and social Society, publishing a scholarly Journal and occasional papers, and holding meetings, dinners and excursions.

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Logo for the Baker Street Journal

The Baker Street Journal continues to be the leading Sherlockian publication since its founding in 1946 by Edgar W. Smith.  With both serious scholarship and articles that "play the game," the Journal is essential reading for anyone interested in Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and a world where it is always 1895.

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Logo for Sherlockian

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