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Days of Peace: Prayers for Peace

Resources for observance of Days of Peace. Includes events on and off campus, links to related websites, daily mediations, and more.

A Prayer for Ukraine

God of peace and justice,
we pray for the people of Ukraine today.
We pray for peace and the laying down of weapons.
We pray for all those who fear for tomorrow,
that your Spirit of comfort would draw near to them.
We pray for those with power over war or peace,
for wisdom, discernment and compassion to guide their decisions.
Above all, we pray for all your precious children, at risk and in fear,
that you would hold and protect them.
We pray in the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

Archbishop Justin Welby
Archbishop Stephen Cottrell

Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

 Therefore, O Mother, hear our prayer Star of the Sea, do not let us be shipwrecked in the tempest of war. Ark of the New Covenant, inspire projects and paths of reconciliation. Queen of Heaven, restore God’s peace to the world. Eliminate hatred and the thirst for revenge, and teach us forgiveness. Free us from war, protect our world from the menace of nuclear weapons. Queen of the Rosary, make us realize our need to pray and to love. Queen of the Human Family, show people the path of fraternity. Queen of peace, obtain peace for our world.

                                                            - Pope Francis, March 25, 2022

Special Prayer for People of Syria

These interfaith peace prayers can be used throughout the 11 days as a Novena or in daily prayer time.

Special Prayer for People of Syria

Almighty eternal God, source of all compassion,
the promise of your mercy and saving help fills our hearts with hope.
Hear the cries of the people of Syria;
bring healing to those suffering from the violence,
and comfort to those mourning the dead.
Empower and encourage Syria’s neighbors 
in their care and welcome for refugees.
Convert the hearts of those who have taken up arms,
and strengthen the resolve of those committed to peace.

O God of hope and Father of mercy,
your Holy Spirit inspires us to look beyond ourselves and our own needs.
Inspire leaders to choose peace over violence 
and to seek reconciliation with enemies.
Inspire the Church around the world with compassion for the people of Syria,
and fill us with hope for a future of peace built on justice for all.
We ask this through Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace and Light of the World,
who lives and reigns for ever and ever.


For the people of Syria, that God may strengthen the resolve of leaders to end 
the fighting and choose a future of peace.

We pray to the Lord…


Muslim Tradition

Muslim Tradition

In the name of Allah,

 the beneficent, the merciful.

Praise be to the Lord of the

Universe who has created us and

made us into tribes and nations

That we may know each other, not that

we may despise each other.

If the enemy incline towards peace, do

thou also incline towards peace, and

trust God, for the Lord is the one that

heareth and knoweth all things.

And the servants of God,

Most gracious are those who walk on

the Earth in humility, and when we

address them, we say “PEACE.”

                        ~ Education for Justice

Sufi Tradition

Sufi Tradition

Send Thy peace O Lord, which is

perfect and everlasting,

that our souls may radiate peace.

Send Thy peace O Lord, that we

may think, act and speak harmoniously.

Send Thy peace O Lord, that we

may be contented and thankful for

Thy bountiful gifts.

Send Thy peace O Lord, that amidst

our worldly strife, we may enjoy Thy bliss.

Send Thy peace O Lord, that we

may endure all, tolerate all, in the thought of

Thy grace and mercy.

Send Thy peace O Lord, that our lives

may become a Divine vision and in Thy light,

all darkness may vanish.

Send Thy peace O Lord, our Father and Mother,

that we Thy children on Earth may all

unite in one family.

                           ~ Inayat Khan

Prayer for Racial Justice

Dear God, bless us as we strive to find our way to true racial reconciliation.

Open our eyes to all that goes on around us that contributes to racial injustice.

Grant us the knowledge to understand all that we do, both personally and as a society, which prevents as from recognizing and defending the dignity of all our brothers and sisters, and especially at this time, our Black and Brown brothers and sisters who are now feeling so much pain.

Grant us the grace to reflect on our own actions and inactions that contribute to this pain.

And grant us the strength to take action to alleviate this pain and to end racial injustice in all its forms.

- Phil Chick

Christian Tradition

Christian Tradition

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.

Where there is hatred, let me sow love,

Where there is injury, pardon

Where there is doubt, faith,

Where there is despair, hope,

Where there is darkness, light,

Where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much

seek to be consoled as to console,

to be understood as to understand,

to be loved, as to love;

for it is in giving that we receive,

it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,

it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

                        ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Buddhist Tradition

Buddhist Tradition

Lead us from the unreal to the Real.

Lead us from darkness to light.

Lead us from death to immortality.

Peace, Peace, Peace unto all.

May there be peace in celestial regions.

May there be peace on Earth.

May the waters be appeasing.

May herbs be wholesome,

and may trees and plants bring peace to all.

May all beneficent beings bring peace to us.

May thy Law propagate peace

all through the world.

May all things be a source of peace to us.

And may thy peace itself, bestow peace on all

and may that peace come to me also.

                  ~ Education for Justice

Jewish Tradition

Jewish Tradition

May we see the day when war and bloodshed cease

when a great peace will embrace the whole world

Then nation shall not threaten nation

and humankind will not again know war.

For all who live on earth shall realize

we have not come into being to hate or destroy

We have come into being

to praise, to labor and to love.

Compassionate God, bless all the leaders of all

nations with the power of compassion.

Fulfill the promise conveyed in Scripture:

“I will bring peace to the land,

and you shall lie down and no one shall terrify you.

I will rid the land of vicious beasts

and it shall not be ravaged by war.”

Let love and justice flow like a mighty stream.

Let peace fill the earth as the waters fill the sea.

And let us say:


                              ~ Professor David Blades, University of Alberta

Hindu Tradition

Hindu Tradition

Time has come, the time is now

When love of God may unite us all

Love of life is the universal call

We must recognize we are from the same clay,

Live through the same breath, same God we obey

Where there is religious ego, let compassion prevail

Where there is diversity, let unity excel

Where there is bigotry,

Let there be dignity

Where there is oppression

Set people free

May all people of religion unite, strands intertwined

Like a rope with which we can hang

The big chandelier of Light -

And remove blinders of prejudice from everyone’s


Where there is fanaticism,

Let there be hope

Where there is injustice,

Let there be faith

Where there is politics

Let there be peace

Oh, Divine Master

Teach me to serve and not want to be served

Let the living truth live undisturbed

Still the drums of war which cloud our perception

Let us hear your Word and follow your direction

Fill our hearts with love for your creation

Dissolve our fears, bring peace to every nation.

                           ~ Siri Singh Sahib