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Catholic Research Resources Alliance

A Program Within Atla

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What is CRRA?

"A Great Source of Scholarly Content"

Founded in 2008, CRRA was a nonprofit (501c3) membership alliance of institutions collaborating to deliver projects and services in support of its mission "to provide enduring global access to Catholic research resources in the Americas." CRRA became a part of Atla in 2023. CRRA's immediate focus was creating access to those rare, unique, and uncommon research materials which are held by libraries and archives in North America. At its height as an independent organization, CRRA had 50 member and partner institutions. 



CRRA strove to foster a dynamic scholarly community by:

  • creating the freely available portal to Catholic research resources in the Americas;
  • sustaining the distinctive network of libraries, archives and other institutions that enable the vision; and facilitating internationally the sharing of resources and scholarship


CRRA pursued its vision through a number of initiatives: