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Creating "Ready-for-Pick-Up" Notifications in LibCal: Create Pick-Up Notifications

Creating Tickets in LibAnswers

Use this process when items pick-up notices are not being sent through Sierra, ReShare, or ILLiad. When notices are not sending through our other platforms, this means that staff must create LibAnswers tickets for each user to alert them that their holds are available for pickup or delivery. The following are instructions for creating LibAnswers tickets. 

First, you will need to login to LibAnswers. A link to LibApps is found on the ASD One Stop Shop. Navigate to LibAnswers. Once in LibAnswers, you will create a ticket. At the top of the page, use the Tickets & FAQs drop down menu and select Create Ticket or FAQ.


You will next create a ticket for the user. The question title should be “Gumberg Library - EZBorrow Item(s) Ready for Pick-Up”. The question title will be the subject of the email sent to the user. Include the user’s full name and email address in the appropriate boxes as seen below. Emails for users can be found in their Sierra account. Click Create Ticket when complete. 



Once you have successfully created a ticket, you will need to apply a Macro (an already composed message) to send to the user. Use the Macro drop down menu to select Item Pick-up Notification. Click Apply once selected. 

Once selected and applied, the macro will automatically fill the ticket text body. The macro will also add helpful tags that allow us to search tickets relating to holds pickup easily.  

After you apply the macro, submit the ticket as Closed at the bottom of the page. Submit as Closed will automatically be selected due to the nature of the macro. Once submitted, the user will receive an email with the created notice. Once the items are processed in ReShare, they may be placed on the Holds Shelf in the Circulation Office until the patron picks up the item.