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ASD - Using Gumberg's Website: For Students/For Faculty & Staff

Using the "For Students" Section

The "For Students" and "For Faculty & Staff" pages are directed toward undergraduate, graduate, online/distance students, and faculty/staff at Duquesne. 

Think about the questions you may have about accessing our materials (books, eBooks, online articles, databases, equipment), services, and more and explore this page to see if you can find the answers. 

This is an opportunity to explore our website and review the services that we offer at Gumberg Library. Please review the descriptions of each tab on the left hand side of this page, and review the information in each tab on the actual webpage of Gumberg Library. 

Tabs Breakdown

My Library Accounts 

This page allows students to check their library account. They can see every item they have checked out on their general library account, including EZBorrow and ILLiad items. 

Online Students

This page includes information for online students who may not be able to make it to campus to access our resources\

Course Reserves and Media Equipment 

Course Reserves are items that professors can place on "reserve" for the students taking their courses. This is to ensure that these students have fair and regular access to these resources, without having to purchase the items for themselves. These items can be owned by the professor or department, and they can also be Gumberg Library owned items. 

Loan Times & Renewals 

This page answers the questions "How long can I borrow 'x' item for? Am I able to renew the item?" Depending on the collection and item type, loan times and renewals vary. 

Find & Request Gumberg Library Owned Items: Current Students 

This page includes a step-by-step guide for finding items in Gumberg's catalogue, and for placing a "hold" on the item. If patron's cannot find what they are looking for in our collection, they are also shown the option to use EZBorrow and ILLiad. 

Pick Up and Delivery Services 

Patrons can pick up their items that they have requested online in-person at the 4th floor front desk, or request that the items are shipped to them. The form for requesting their items be shipped to them are located in this page. 

Returning Items

As with picking up, patrons can return their items in-person or they can request a UPS return label be emailed to them, so they can mail their items back to the library. 

Borrow from Other Libraries (EZBorrow & ILLiad)

This tab is frequently used by our patrons. When Gumberg library does not have a resource they need, they can often times borrow the resource from one of our partnering libraries in the region, or even around the world. We encourage patrons who cannot find a book or other physical resource to first use EZBorrow. This method is much faster, and patrons typically receive these items in 3-5 business days. If the resource they need is not available through EZBorrow, we then direct them to use a system called ILLiad. Patrons can request books through ILLiad, and they can also have specific book chapters and articles scanned and emailed to them. Instructions for how to sue each service are located on each page.

Scan & Deliver Services  

When patrons search Gumberg's catalogue for an article or book chapter they need, and find that we do not have the item, they can log into ILLiad and request that we scan the article or book chapter and email it to them. 

Print, Copy, Scan in Color

This page can be used to help patrons using the Xerox printer/copier/scanner located on the 4th floor across from the vending machines. Instructions on how to use the Xerox machine are on this page.

Reserving a Study or Event Space in Gumberg Library.

Patrons can reserve study rooms, event spaces, and other spaces in the library ahead of time online. This page shows what spaces they can reserve, and instructions for how to do so. 

Computing on Campus

This is a direct links to Computing and Technology Services' (CTS) page on Duquesne's website. When students ask how to print at the library, we can refer them to the instructions on this page.

Report a Lost and Found Item

If a patron loses an item, they can fill out this form so that if the item is found, we can email them to let them know it is at the library to be retrieved. Lost and found items can be placed in the "lost and found" cabinet in the Circulation office. 

Suggest a Purchase

If a student or faculty member think it would be worth Gumberg Library purchasing an item that they know will be frequently used, they can request that the library purchase the item. It is likely that we will be able to purchase the item for them but they may not receive the item immediately. 

Billing and Replacements

If a patron says that they have lost or damaged an item, we should refer them to this page or have them email the library. We may be able to work with them so that they are not uncharged an unreasonable replacement fee. This page also includes common item statuses that you may encounter in the library's catalogue.