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ASD - Using Gumberg's Website: Access Services/Information & Help

The Info & Help Tab

This is the landing page for the "Info & help Section of the website. The main services on this page include:

  1. Accessing resources (Gumberg's materials, other library's materials)
  2. Accessing and using the building (reserving a library space, the library's hours, etc.)
  3. How students and faculty can use their resources, and how they can manage them when they borrow them

We display several "quick-links" under the "General Services" tab. However, when showing patron's how to access a service on the website, it is best to use the tabs at the top of the page titled "For Students," "For Faculty & Staff," "For Alumni, Retirees & Guests," and "About Us." These tabs essentially contain information about every service we offer, and are directly aimed at each population at Duquesne University.