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Where to Publish Your Research

Criteria to Consider

Now that you're able to locate potential journals in which to publish, the next step is to evaluate those journals for quality.

Here are three questions to ask yourself when considering a journal:

  • How does this journal rank in comparison to other journals?
  • What are the acceptance rates of this journal?
  • What is the availability of this journal?

This page will provide you with resources to help answer all three of these questions.


It is important to determine how the journal you're considering ranks in comparison to other journals since this can directly affect author impact.

Remember, the higher the ranking, the more influential the journal. 

Listed belows are tools that can help determine a journal's ranking.

Acceptance Rates

Journals with lower acceptance rates are generally considered more prestigious. Listed below are tools that can help determine the acceptance rates of a journal. If you cannot find the acceptance rate of a journal by using these tools, try viewing the journal's website or contacting the editor directly.  

Journal Availability

Cost and distribution can influence the availability of a journal. In general, the more expensive the journal the less available it will be. 

Articles on Journal Selection and Evaluation

The following articles will provide you with detailed guidelines on how to choose and evaluate journals for quality.