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Scoping Review

A guide introducing the process of conducting a scoping review


Resources, Frameworks, and Tools

Frameworks For Starting a Scoping Review
  1. Arksey, H., & O’Malley, L. (2005). Scoping studies: Towards a methodological frameworkInternational Journal of Social Research Methodology: Theory and Practice8(1), 19–32.
  2. Levac, D., Colquhoun, H., & O’Brien, K. K. (2010). Scoping studies: Advancing the methodologyImplementation Science5(1), 69.
  3. Peters, M. D. J., Godfrey, C. M., Khalil, H., McInerney, P., Parker, D., & Soares, C. B. (2015). Guidance for conducting systematic scoping reviewsInternational Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare13(3), 141–146.
  4. PRISMA-ScR for scoping reviews
  5. JBI Manual for Evidence Synthesis--Chapter 11: Scoping Reviews
  6. Pawliuk, C., Brown, H. L., Widger, K., Dewan, T., Hermansen, A. M., Grégoire, M. C., Steele, R., & Siden, H. (2020). Optimising the process for conducting scoping reviews. BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine, bmjebm-2020-111452.  [links to pre-print]
Additional Resources for Scoping Reviews

Gumberg Resources

Gumberg Related Resources