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Stay-at-Home Self-Care: Get Calm

Get Calm

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Sometimes we need a bit of help to relax. This page contains links to soothing videos and music designed to help people find tranquility.

Animal Cams

One way to introduce calm into your life is to watch animals! There are tons of animal webcam streams available. Here are only a few to get you started.

The Pittsburgh Zoo has both a penguin cam and a cheetah cam.

The Bald Eagle cam in Hays, PA.

The Smithsonian National Zoo webcams include feeds of ferrets, cheetahs, naked mole rats, lions, pandas, and elephants.

The Monteray Bay Aquarium webcams include feeds of jellyfish, sea otters, sharks, and more.

The Melbourne Zoo webcams run 24/7.

Audobon's Rowe Sanctuary runs a crane cam.

Who doesn't love watching goats? These two are from Goat Milk Stuff and Beekman 1802.

Among the San Diego Zoo cams is the koala cam.

The Hattiesburg Zoo offers a look at their sloths.

Here's a wild animal and bird feeder cam from NatureTec.

Soothing Sounds

Background Noise Generators

Some of us focus or relax better with background noise. In the absence of going to a coffee shop or to the library, use these noise generators to simulate public places or the great outdoors.



Jazz and Rain


Purrli (for when you fancy the sound of a purring cat instead)

A Soft Murmur

Snowy Mood



Music is also known to help promote relaxation. Here are some resources available at Gumberg and online.

Music & Dance Online - Gumberg provides access to this database. Try searching for "relaxing music."

Naxos - Gumberg has access to this database that has 75,000+ audio tracks. Browse by category or search by keyword (such as "relax," "calm," or "meditation"). You're sure to find something you enjoy!