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ETD Preparation & Submission: Guidelines for Graduate Students: Overview

Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETD) LibGuide


ETD Basics

What is an ETD?

"ETD" stands for Electronic Theses and Dissertations. Gumberg Library collects students' ETDs in order to add them to the library's resources. The submission and approval of an ETD is a graduation requirement for many graduate programs at Duquesne.

How will this guide help me?

This guide draws and builds upon the ETD Guidelines, which are the specifications used after an ETD is submitted to ensure that it is properly prepared for upload. Please consult the various sections of this guide as you format and prepare your ETD. The Document Formatting section of this guide contains templates and tutorials that will ensure your formatting conforms to the Guidelines.

This guide also attempts to answer questions that students may have about the documents required to submit an ETD, copyrighted materials used in an ETD, citation practices, and locating ETDs.

Who can answer my questions?

The Digital Scholarship Librarian is happy to discuss any questions that arise regarding ETD preparation, formatting, and submission.

Submission Checklist

After a student has defended, they may submit their ETD to the Digital Scholarship Librarian. ETD paperwork must be submitted in full before the ETD Filing Deadline of the semester in which the student plans to graduate. There are multiple components to a complete ETD submission:

  1. Approval Form signed by the thesis/dissertation chair and department representative.
  2. A completed Duquesne Scholarship Collection account (including an uploaded Word/LaTeX version of your document).
  3. A completed UMI/ProQuest account.

ETD Contact Information


phone: 412-396-6130

Filing Deadlines

ETD filing deadlines are also posted in the Academic Calendar.

Spring 2019 April 12
Summer 2019 July 12
Fall 2019 November 22

Guide Author

This guide was created by Sara Grozanick. It has been revised and updated by Alyson Pope, Charlotte Myers, Maureen Diana Sasso, Amanda Miller, Michael Janakis, and Gesina Phillips.