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Simone Weil: A Research Guide: Home


"The only great spirit of our times "

                                                   Albert Camus

Philosopher, theologian, teacher, rebel, social activist, and mystic, Simone Weil did not publish much during her lifetime, but, since her death in 1943 has become increasingly influential in many fields. Her writing and example have helped to shape the thinking of persons as various as Saint John XXIII and Pope Paul VI, former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, and the existentialist writer Albert Camus.

This research guide is designed to connect the user with a wide range of different types of materials about this 20th century giant of thought and spirit.

books by

The Notebooks of Simone Weil

Translated by Arthur Wills

Original publication date: 1956

Call number: B2430 W474 1976x - 3rd Floor & Pehnomenology Center, 1st Floor

Waiting for God

Translated by Emma Craufurd

Original publication date: 1951

Call number: B2430 .W473 A7713 1973X - 3rd Floor

Gravity & Grace

Translated by Emma Craufurd

Original Publication date: 1952

Call number: B2430 W473 P43 1952x - 3rd Floor & Phenomenology Center, 1st Floor

The Need for Roots: Prelude to a Declaration of Duties Toward Mankind

Translated by Arthur Wills

Original publication date: 1952

Call number: HM216 .W352 1955X - 3rd Floor

Letter to a Priest

Translated by A. F. Wills

Original publication date: 1953

Call number: B2430.W473 L43 1953X - 3rd Floor

Intimations of Christianity Among the Ancient Greeks

Translated by Elizabeth Chase Geissbuhler

Original publication date: 1957

Call number: B172 .W34 1957X - 3rd Floor

Oppression and Liberty

Translated by Arthur Wills and John Petrie

Original publication date: 1958

Call number: HX266 .W3813X - 3rd Floor

Lectures on Philosophy

Translated by Hugh Price

Original publication date: 1978

Call number: B2430.W473 L3513 - 3rd Floor & Phenomenology Center, 1st Floor

Seventy Letters

Translated by Richard Rees

Original publication date: 1965

Call number: B2430.W474 A43 - 3rd Floor

On Science, Necessity, and the Love of God

Translated by Richard Rees

Original publication date: 1968

Call number: B2430.W472 E55 1968x - Phenomenology Center, 1st Floor

Simone Weil: An Anthology

Edited by Sian Miles

Original publication date: 1986

Call number: B2430.W472 E55 1986a - Phenomenology Center, 1st Floor

Late Philosophical Writings

Edited by Eric O. Springsted

Translated by Eric O. Springsted and Lawrence E. Schmidt

Original publication date: 2015

Call number: B2430.W472 E55 2015 - 3rd Floor

The photo of Simone Weil at the top of the page is from Wikimedia Commons

This research guide was designed by Ted Bergfelt, MLS


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