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Resources for Rome Campus Students



Your experience abroad has come to an abrupt end. Your teachers are at a distance, and many of the resources you need to finish your course work are too. What are you to do now that your face-to-face classes have become online courses?

The Duquesne in Rome program has enlisted the Gumberg Library to do what it can to link you to resources in its collections or available through its databases to help you finish the work for your courses.

You will find on this research guide a page for each course offered in Rome. On that page we will provide you access with the materials available through our extensive collections to help you get the work done for that course.

This guide will link Rome Campus students back home in the US to both electronic and print resources. The electronic resources are available to students where ever they may be, while the print resources, unfortunately, are only available to those in Pittsburgh who can come to the Gumberg Library to use or borrow them.

Need Help?

If at any time you need help with using Gumberg Library resources, please contact Ted Bergfelt, Humanities Librarian via email or by phone at 412-426-5430, 8:30 am-4:30 pm ET, Monday-Friday. If he is not available, Ask Gumberg


Tips on Using Library Resources

  • All electronic resources can be used off-campus. Please enter your Multipass username and password when prompted.
  • For articles not available through Gumberg Library, use Illiad
  • For books not available through Gumberg Library, use E-ZBorrow