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Physics: Staying Current

staying current

It's important to stay up to date on research being done in your field.

To help keep up, you can set up RSS feeds, join email newsletters, or set up Table of Contents alerts.

RSS feed symbol RSS Feeds

 An RSS feed aggregates content for you. Many sites have their own RSS feed(s) you can subscribe to. Here is a small sampling:

Email Newsletters and Alerts

Get news emailed to you directly by signing up for email newsletters, like the examples below.

Table of Contents Services

A Table of Contents service alerts you when there are new issues of journals, as well as the issue's contents.

  • JournalTOCs is a free service that lets you know when there are new issues of journals you select. You can also search a journal's table of contents to see new research on the site.
  • Many journals also allow you to sign up for Table of Contents alerts directly on their websites.

Here are a few more sources to help you discover current issues in physics:


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