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Mary Martin as Peter Pan

Welcome to this research guide designed to quickly connect Duquesne University researchers to all materials available through the Gumberg Library on Peter Pan, all the literary and theatrical works and films about this character and about J. M. Barrie, his creator.

Why is Peter Pan Usually Played by a Woman?

Reference Works (Electronic)

Reference Works

Information on Peter Pan will be found in these reference works by searching for "J. M. Barrie" rather than "Peter Pan."

Click the link below to read the article "Peter Pan Films" from the Greenwoood Encyclopedia of Folktales and Fairy Tales.

Primary Texts with Critical Materials

Primary Texts with Critical Materials

Books on J.M. Barrie

Find Books - Children's Literature

Find ALL Articles on Peter Pan from Selected Databases

Find Articles

Click a link below to find all citations dealing with "Peter Pan" in selected literary, education, communications, and psychology databases. 

There is a concept in Jungian psychology called the puer aeternus ("eternal boy"), of which Peter Pan is an example. Click the link below to see all articles on this concept from the best psychology database.

Hear Music Based on Peter Pan

Streaming audio for 75,000+ tracks of classical, jazz, and world music, Naxos also includes opera summaries, librettos, and other text resources related to the study of music. (note: 10 users may access Naxos simultaneously).
This resource can be accessed from off-campus, but you will need to enter your Multipass username and password in order to use it.


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