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Music Library Resources: IHP 202: Music of Africa


Karibu!  What is the role of music for an African?   This course, which fulfills the Core theme area of Global diversity, discusses the rhythms and communication patterns of the African person and provides an introduction to selected musical traditions of Africa. A variety of musical practices and their cultural contexts will be explored through listening, reading, and written assignments, with an emphasis on class discussion. The course includes in-class instruction in African drumming, song and dance, as well as lecture-demonstrations by guest artists.  As a basis of human personality formative spirituality’s anthropological paradigm will be used to integrate the place of music for the person.

After an introductory unit, the course will be organized around four main geographical areas: Senegal, Mali, Ghana, and Nigeria. An in-depth study of the African experience from these countries will be interspersed with brief overviews of Southern, Central, and East Africa.


Second Assignment due: February 20

Using the African drumming handout, submit and 8 measure original composition following the guidelines on Blackboard.

Course Requirements

Music Librarian