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Information Evaluation: Welcome!

This guide is designed to teach you more about the evaluation process and how to use the CRAAP Test, an information evaluation process that will help you properly evaluate the information you find.


Duquesne University's Information Evaluation Resources

Information Evaluation at Duquesne University

Welcome to the Gumberg Library's Information Evaluation tutorials!

Magnify by Kiera M. is licensed under a CC Attribution 4.0

In this guide, you can view all three videos that were created to teach students how to properly assess information found through various resources.

Tutorial One covers the evaluation process related to examining information found in scholarly resources. The CRAAP Test is identified and utilized in the demonstration of how to properly evaluate scholarly information.

Tutorials Two and Three discuss evaluating information found through social media. The second video focuses on evaluating information found through Facebook, while the third discusses information found through Twitter and online shared photographs.

You can view each tutorial in their assigned tab or by visiting the Gumberg Library's YouTube page. Feel free to browse the additional resources in this guide to gain a better understanding of why it is important to evaluate information.