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HONR 104.1: Honors Inquiry (Dr. Knutson)

A Gumberg Library course guide


This research guide is designed to connect students in Dr. Knutson's HONR 104.1 class to Gumberg Library resources that will be useful in doing the final paper, including reference works, research guides, and databases for articles.

  • The second page of the guide will connect you to literary sources.
  • The third page, "Databases for Specific Disciplines, will take you to the most important and comprehensive databases for articles in each of your majors. You can use these to find materials in your disciplines that you can relate to whichever literary work/works you chose to analyze.
  • The fourth page will connect you to resources on citing in APA format.
  • The fifth page guides you through the process of requesting printed books during the pandemic

All electronic resources can be accessed off-campus by entering your Multipass username and password when requested, and then authenticating with DUO.

Need Help?

If you need help with your research, feel free to contact Ted Bergfelt, MLS, the Humanities Librarian (That's me.). I can be reached between 8:30 am-4:30 pm ET, Monday-Friday, at 412-426-5430. You can email me at

If you want to make an appointment to meet via phone or Zoom, please do so.

If I am not available and you need help quickly, you can use the Ask Gumberg link to get help.