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HIST 151: Shaping of the Modern World (Simpson): Debate 2

A guide designed to support Dr. Drew Simpson's sections of HIST 151 in completing their second debate assignment.

History Databases

Supplied Links

These are the links supplied by Dr. Simpson in your assignment document. These are meant to get you started with your research!

Major U.S. Energy Policy Acts

Energy Policy and the Long Transition in America

Energy Independence: A Short History

Ask a Librarian

For more help, you can email or schedule an appointment with your librarian, Gesina Phillips.

Ask a Librarian

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Catalog Searches

These searches are constructed to get you started researching in certain topic areas. They link to Gumberg Library's QuickSearch, which searches many of the databases that the library subscribes to in addition to searching our print book collection. You can modify these searches to better apply to your needs by adding keywords in the search box. See more ways to search in the "Searching tips" box below.

National sovereignty

Economic development

Human rights

Military interests

Economic interests

Technology and nature

Energy use and the rise of mass society

You might also try adding keywords to these general subject searches:

petroleum industry

energy consumption

environmental pollution

Searching tips

The pre-made topic searches on this guide should help you to find resources related to your topic. Here are some tips to help you make the searches work for you.

Advanced search

Screenshot of the library search box with "Advanced Search," underneath the search bar, circled

Clicking the Advanced Search button will bring you to a new screen that allows you to easily search terms using the Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT. If you click this button for one of the pre-made searches, it will break up the search to show you how it works.

Refining the search A screenshot of the "Refine by" options in the library catalog, located in the left-hand menu.

You can use the sidebar on the left-hand side of the page to narrow your results. Some options include narrowing your results to 

articles only, articles for which the full text is available, or peer reviewed journal articles. You can also narrow your search to other formats: for example, academic journals or books. Don't forget to click the "more" button to see other options!




CatalogPlus or Catalog?

Your search will default to CatalogPlus, which searches the library's online materials (journal articles, eBooks, etc.). If you want to view only books that you can borrow from Gumberg, switch your view to Catalog using the tabs under the search box.

A screenshot of the top of the results page, with the "Catalog" tab circled

Reference Sources

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