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ETD Preparation and Submission: Guidelines for Graduate Students

This guide will give you information on, and walk you through, all aspects of the ETD (electronic theses and dissertations) process.

ETD Submission Process

There are three steps involved in submitting your dissertation or thesis to the library for review. You should only submit your work to the library in the semester in which you intend to graduate. All three steps must be complete and submitted before the formatting review can take place. Submission deadlines are listed below.

You must upload a final version of your ETD that already includes the suggested edits from your committee. You are not allowed to make substantive content changes during the formatting review process.

ETD Submission Checklist

  1. Submit the ETD Approval Form to the library. You must complete this form, sign it, and get it signed by both your committee chair and your school’s ETD Representative. Turn the completed and signed form into the library.
  2. Upload your thesis or dissertation to the Duquesne Scholarship Collection. Sign up for an account using your Duquesne email. You will be asked to upload both a PDF copy and a Word .doc(x) of your dissertation or thesis. You must upload a single, complete Word document for the purposes of the formatting review. Please be sure the file name includes your last name.
  3. Upload your dissertation or thesis to ProQuest. This submission only requires a PDF.

Please ensure that all of your choices and information match between all three parts of the submission.

4. Additionally, for those who are reprinting copyrighted materials in their thesis or dissertation (figures, tables, survey instruments, etc.), you must send any reprint permissions you have for reprinting materials to the Systems and Scholarly Communications Office at Gumberg Library. (Doing this through email is fine.)

ETD Submission Deadlines

ETD filing deadlines are also posted in the Academic Calendar.

Fall 2022 November 11
Spring 2023 April 5
Summer 2023 July 7
Fall 2023 November 17