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ETD Preparation and Submission: Guidelines for Graduate Students

This guide will give you information on, and walk you through, all aspects of the ETD (electronic theses and dissertations) process.

The ETD Approval Form

You will need to download this file, sign it, and get it signed by both your committee chair your school’s ETD Representative. It may be easiest to do this right after your defense. Submit the completed and signed form to the Scholarly Communications Librarian, either physically (at the circulation desk or through interdepartmental mail) or electronically (through email).

It's a fairly straightforward document, but please keep the following in mind:

  • In the Document field, please specify whether your submission is a dissertation or a thesis.
  • Please be sure that any dates are accurate.
  • Please specify which citation style you're using; it makes the formatting review go a little faster.
  • If you want an embargo, make sure your post-graduation email is something you will have access to in a year. If we can't reach you, we won't be able to extend your embargo, should you need it.
  • Make sure the publishing choices on this form match your ProQuest publishing choices (publishing type and embargo). You can always reach out to the Scholarly Communications Librarian if you're not sure which option is best.