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From national to local, covering voter rights, registration, and the electoral process.

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Unity, Rules & Patience

Because the pandemic has changed how many Americans are voting in 2020, election workers will need more time to count all the ballots. So, have patience — democracy is worth the wait!

Long lines, extended voting hours, provisional ballots for in-person voting and extensions on accepting mail-in ballots may impact counts on election night, leading local jurisdictions or states to delay reporting results for days or weeks. 

Fortunately, recent surveys (such as this Fox News poll) show Americans are already aware that it may take more time to count ballots this year and that they are comfortable waiting for accurate results.


Get the Facts

Candidates and campaigns may claim victory, but they are not leading the counts. Under federal law, states have until Dec. 8, or six days before the presidential electors vote, to finalize their ballot count.
Fact-check: Is counting ballots weeks after election day illegal? Jacobson, Lewis,, Oct 29, 2020

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Supreme Court Allows Extension of Ballot Deadlines in North Carolina, Pennsylvania. Bravin, J., & Kendall, B. Wall Street Journal (Online), Oct 29, 2020. 

Michigan and Pennsylvania say they can finish counting majority of ballots within three days of the election. Wines, Michael. New York Times (Online), Oct 20, 2020.

How Quickly Will Your Absentee Vote Be Counted? A State-by-State Timeline. Corasaniti, Nick; Lu, Denise.New York Times (Online), Oct 13, 2020.


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