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Gumberg Library Dual Environment Research Guides: Home


A "dual environment" research guide is one that works in the mobile phone environment and the desktop/laptop environment equally well. (Forget about how they will appear on an Ipad. Ipads always make certain things render in a funny way.) To make this kind of guide, you do not need to use any code or monkey with the custom CSS. It all has to do with the arrangement of the boxes containing the materials the guide points to. A number of examples are presented here. A template for making dual environments guides that you can copy is at the bottom of this guide

Give these guides a test drive. On your desktop click on a image below to see a guide. Then go to this guide on your phone and click on an image.


Walt Whitman

Slave Narratives

Harlem Renaissance

Emily Dickinson

W. B. Yeats



Karl Marx