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Children in the Library Guidelines: Children in Gumberg Library Policy

These guidelines are intended to protect children while they are in Gumberg Library. The guidelines are based on the Library's policy. They clarify the expectations for caregivers who bring children to the library.

Gumberg Library Guidelines

Gumberg Library Guidelines for Children in the Library

Gumberg Library is a research library that supports the information needs of Duquesne University students, faculty, staff, and alumni.   University-owned computers and educational resources are intended for affiliated adult learners.  Many areas within the library are designated as quiet study only. 

Because students, faculty and staff may occasionally need to bring their children with them, we expect full cooperation in order to maintain a welcome and safe environment for everyone.  With permission from the University Librarian, children may come to the library for special events and programs (including tutoring) sponsored by Duquesne University schools and offices. 

  1. All parents, guardians or caregivers bringing minors (children under the age of 18) into the library must register at the Circulation Desk. 
  2. The responsibility for the safety and behavior of children in the library rests with the parent or guardian, and not with library personnel.
  3. Users and their children will be asked to leave if they disturb others.
  4. Staff may call University police for assistance if a child is unruly or left unattended.
  5. Programs sponsoring educational activities for children in the library must provide a form of ID for each child and submit a participant list to the University Librarian.
  6. Students who are high school-aged and younger are not eligible for library services unless affiliated with a program sponsored or endorsed by Duquesne University.
  7. Children may not use library computers or other educational technologies such as TVs or DVDs.  This equipment is intended for Duquesne students and is not filtered for minors.
  8. Users are liable to pay for any damage caused by an accompanying child.
  9. Failure to comply with this policy will result in termination library privileges.

Rev. 8/28/13


Maureen P. Sullivan Curriculum Center Guidelines

Curriculum Center Guidelines

The Maureen Sullivan Curriculum Center is a PreK-Grade 12 resource room on the 5th floor of the Gumberg Library.  Resources in the Curriculum Center are intended for use primarily by education majors, but are available to anyone in the campus community working with children.  The following guidelines supplement those listed for the library in general.

  1. A child will be considered unattended if the parent, guardian or caregiver is not within arms-length of the child. Staff may call University police for assistance if a child is unruly or left unattended.
  2. Children under the age of 18 may not use the Ellison Machine without immediate adult supervision.
  3. Children under the age of 18 may not use the paper cutters under ANY circumstances.
  4. Children under the age of 18 may not use the computers under ANY circumstances.
  5. Children may handle only one manipulative at a time, as pieces must be returned to their assigned containers.
  6. Children may handle one puppet at a time, as the internal bag is specifically barcoded for that puppet and must be returned to it.
  7. Do not return library materials to the shelves after use. Any item that is handled--whether book, puppet or manipulative--must be placed on one of the blue book carts or on a table for Curriculum Center staff to put away.
  8. Parents and guardians should remind children to treat library materials with care and respect and be considerate of other library patrons
  9. Infractions of the policy will result in termination of library privileges.

Rev. 8/28/13