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Marketing -- Procter & Gamble: Gumberg Library

Steps to finding information about a company

  1. Find the standard information about a company and note any unique identifiers (Ticker Symbol, NAICS codes, SIC codes, complete company name and location)
  2. Note information about the scope of the company, its competitive environment, market position, subsidiaries, SWOT analysis
  3. Supplement the information that you find with additional news articles, analysis from other sources, stories about competitors

Where to find info if not using this guide

You can start at the library home page:

From the home page, click "Research" and go to "Databases A to Z"

Alternately, you can google "gumberg library databases" to reach the Databases A to Z page

Good sources for finding basic company information

Digging Deeper and Looking at Peer Analysis

Finding additional news about a company and perhaps a pre-built SWOT analysis