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All of these resources can be accessed from off-campus, but you will need to enter your Multipass username and password when you click on a link below.

How do you find full text?

Welcome to this research guide designed to link Gumberg Library researchers to information about African American Roman Catholics. It will point the user to books databases for articles,  and will directly link to relevent special collections, both print and electronically, avallable on the Internet. We hope you will find this guide useful.

Photo of Augustine Tolton, the first African American priest. Circa 1897. PD-1923. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Resources From the Internet

Click the button above to visit the CRRA website, home of the Catholic Portal, a catalog of rare, unique, and uncommon Catholic scholarly materials in the library collections of the over 40 member institutions of the CRRA. An ever-growing number of the items listed may contain links to the full-text!