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Finding Full Text

Important Reminder for using PubMed!

When using PubMed, to ensure you can see the full text, you must enter through the Gumberg Library website. Using PubMed @ Duquesne will allow you to see Gumberg Library’s content.

If you do not see Gumberg’s Full Text Finder icon in the top right hand corner after selecting an article, you are not in PubMed @ Duquesne. Try accessing PubMed through the Gumberg Library web site.

Occasionally, PubMed will redirect you to publishers' websites that ask you to pay for an article. As a Duquesne student you generally do not have to pay for articles. Instead you can request articles using ILLiad by following the steps below.

PubMed @ Duquesne Full Text

 Select PubMed from Gumberg Library home page. PubMed databse will open. Enter your search terms. 


Choose an article from your search results by clicking the title.


After you select an item from your search results, you will see links on the right for your article's full text.


When the Full Text Finder window opens, it presents options to get full text. Try clicking the resources located for this citation.

If you cannot find full text using these links, you can try to click the publisher's link, which is located next to the Full Text Finder button. Occasionally publishers provide free full text.


*If you click the publisher's link and are asked to pay for the article, try the steps below.

No Full Text Online?

When electronic full text is not available, click ILL to request articles.


Full Text Finder will redirect you to the ILLiad Logon. You will need to login using your Duquesne University MultiPass credentials.


After you login, the information for the article is automatically filled in; all you have to do is scroll down and submit your request.

Note for NCBI Users

If you are using an NCBI account to login to PubMed, you need to set your preferences to see Gumberg's full text options. Here's how:

  • Sign into your NCBI account
  • Click My NCBI, then select Site Preferences
  • Under PubMed Preferences, click Outside Tool
  • Click D on the alphabetical list, then select "Duquesne University Full Text Finder"
  • Click the Save button

If you are connecting from off-campus, you will be prompted to enter your MultiPass credentials or your student ID number before the article will open. If you are searching from on campus, the article will be opened automatically.

For more information on searching PubMed, see Health Sciences Literature Searching or Searching PubMed Tutorials.