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OTDBASE: Search Options


OTDBASE offers three methods to search for journal abstracts:

1. Topic Search

2. Keyword Search

3. Advanced Search

Topic Search

Topic search can be used for searching a subtopic within a main topic. This method is designed to be the best option for this database to receive the most relevant information. It will allow you to focus in on specific treatments, assessments, and a series of other options.

To begin:

1. Choose a main topic and then click the arrow to the right to display the subtopics.

2. Then select one that closely fits your research interest and press the "Go" button next to the menu.


Keyword Search

Keyword search is helpful when experimenting and searching a broad topic area. 

To use this option, type one word you expect to find within an abstract.

Helpful hint: If you put in more than one word, you may receive too much information. Keep your search simple.

Advanced Search

Advanced search is helpful when you are looking for specific articles. This type of search is beneficial when you are interested in one or more OT researcher’s publications and know the relevant citation details.

To use advanced search, the specific terms should be entered within each field. Then click "Search."

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