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Gumberg Library of Things

Get Inspired!

Instructables is a community for people who like to make things. Come explore, share, and make your next project with us!

Blood Pressure Cuff & Stethoscope

Need to practice taking blood pressure and forgot your equipment at home? You can borrow ours!

Bone Boxes

The library owns several bone boxes and other anatomical models for in-library use. These models support the curricula of many of the health sciences programs.

Bubble Machine

       The Theefun Bubble Machine is used to create a steady stream of bubbles for parties, weddings, and other events.

  • Users will need to purchase bubble solution, such as Darice Miracle Bubbles, to fill.
  • Please be courteous and rinse the machine out before return!

Button Maker

This 2 1/4" Mr. Button button maker with hand press can be used to make buttons for events. You will need to supply the blanks, which can be ordered from the manufacturer.

Cordless Electric Screwdriver

This cordless electric screwdriver charges via usb and is compact so you can use it on all sorts of projects around your apartment or dorm.

Crochet Hooks

Want to get get creative, but not ready to knit? Try your hand-- either left or right-- at crochet! 

You can borrow a selection of hooks.  We also have free yarn and patterns available. 

If you are a total beginner, try watching a crochet basics video like the one below. 

Left handed?  Looking for a challenging pattern with lots of stitches and color changes?   No problem!  YouTube has you covered with tutorials for every skill level.



This Dremel engraver will come in handy if your graphing calculator keeps disappearing and you want to mark it as yours. But with a little imagination (or even just a stencil), it can also be used to make beautiful works of art.

External Disc Drives at Circ

Glue Gun

Need a glue gun? We have one! You supply your own standard-sized glue sticks.

GoPro Hero6

Karaoke System

Stream karaoke songs from YouTube. Just for fun!

Need more info about the machine?

Knitting Needles

Knitting is good for you...really! A 2010 study concluded that knitting contributed to feelings of social well-being, stress relief, and mood elevation.

  • Don't know how? That's ok! Check out a pair of needles, we have size 0-15. Then watch a Youtube video (like the one below) to teach you the basics.
  • Don't have yarn? That's ok too! Here's a tutorial on how to make "yarn" out of plastic bags.
  • Don't have a pattern? Ravelry is a free community for fiber enthusiasts where you can meet other newbies and find patterns and other info.
  • Don't have a community? There are several groups on campus that meet regularly to knit or crochet. Upcoming: Knit/Crochet for Cancer

Nintendo Switch

Poster Tube

Presenting a poster at a conference? Borrow a poster tube to make sure it gets there safely.

Sewing Machine

Click here to find out more information about the Brother XM2701 sewing machine.

Never sewed a stitch in your life? Don't know a foot pedal from a bobbin? Watch the video below from Good Housekeeping to get started!


Forgot your umbrella and the Pittsburgh skies have opened up? Borrow one of ours!

USB computer headset

The Logitech USB Headset can be used for Skype interviews, recording audio for coursework, gaming, and other purposes.